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Our Board

Who We Are?

In Violetta Rengøring we believe that only happy and proud of its company staff will provide the highest quality services. Over the years we've created our own labor standards, procedures and conditions of employment to create healthy and satisfying workplace. Our effort let us gather skilled and very friendly group of people who will take care not only about cleanliness, but also welcome you with a smile. We are aware that the more positive emotions pass on to their employees, the better we train them, the more we take care of their knowledge and self-confidence, and the right tools to do the job, the happier they will be and so our customers.
wioletta polesinska

Wioletta Polesińska

CEO and owner

Every business owner knows how many duties awaits for them every day. My main goal is to lead the company to the highest standards. I'm doing my best to do every assignment appointed to me and my staff, quickly and in reliable manner. I've always liked clean and tidy surroundings. I believe that our work is paying off in the form of a satisfied customer.

danuta prorska

Marzena Kalinowska


Efficient management and customer care, are the priorities of my day work. With the experience gained in the company I've developed high standard of service to both individual and business customers. I always try to make sure that me and my team's work leave a positive impression for a long time after we do our job.


In the interests of the client.

In the modern world business plays an important role not only in financial terms but also socially. We believe that local communities should be supported by successful companies therefore we do our best to create standards that will be a good example for others. So we do not hesitate to invest in high-quality, eco-friendly detergents and low energy consuming tools produced by recognized brands. We always use environment-friendly products at every level of our business.

We support UNESCO.

We are actively supporting the initiatives of "Politiets Bla Baretter" monthly magazine promoting UNESCO and helping the organization in the struggle for a better life for those who need our help the most. We believe that goodness can manifest itself in many dimensions, including the dimension of business.