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oferta biznes

For business

Office cleaning services we provide in a discreet manner, having in mind the nature of supported objects. For our assignments we are sending only qualified personnel with experience in performing cleaning services.

The contracted duties include: dusting, emptying rubbish bins, disinfection phones and peripherals, washing glaze and doors, vacuum-cleaning, washing floors, cleaning the social rooms and toilets, washing windows periodically and many more. We will provide your office with the necessary daily hygiene supplies.
The final shape of the work order and the choice of cleaning is always fitted to the needs of individual customer. Client's satisfaction is our top priority, and that satisfaction our greatest success.


Private clients

Your house is the comfort zone, which should be safe, cozy and clean. We will help you to keep it perfectly clean for a reasonable price.

We are flexible because we understand your needs. That's why we offer several options of cleaning services for home like: basic cleaning, deep cleaning (works perfectly after hollydays), cleaning after repair or renting, cleaning SOS (emergency with extremely tight deadlines, eg. Before and after bigger events).

Private clients

In the interests of the client.

In the modern world business plays an important role not only in financial terms but also socially. We believe that local communities should be supported by successful companies therefore we do our best to create standards that will be a good example for others. So we do not hesitate to invest in high-quality, eco-friendly detergents and low energy consuming tools produced by recognized brands. We always use environment-friendly products at every level of our business.

We support UNESCO.

We are actively supporting the initiatives of "Politiets Bla Baretter" monthly magazine promoting UNESCO and helping the organization in the struggle for a better life for those who need our help the most. We believe that goodness can manifest itself in many dimensions, including the dimension of business.